Commercial Flooring Installation

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Brand Messaging- Your decor should always match your brand messaging. This includes your floors, furnishings and signage. Your floors are welcoming your clients and customers to do business in your establishment. Luckily, there are options for whatever atmosphere you are looking to create.

While it may seem as simple as picking a floor and having it installed, the type of commercial flooring that you pick will essentially affect your business in how it is represented.

Commercial flooring is far more than just something you and your customers walk on. You may not realize it, but your flooring represents an investment that could determine the success of your business.

Flooring installation is just as important as your choice of material. Here are a few insights that might help you select superior flooring products and services.

Bear these things in mind as you decide on your new flooring options:

What Kind of Flooring Is Best?

Naturally, different businesses have unique flooring needs. For instance, while you may prefer an easy-to-clean surface for your production line, combining it with a cushioned subfloor layer could make life much easier for your employees who spend all day on their feet.

For a corporate feel, wood flooring options will look elegant and contemporary. However, over time the wood floors may become squeaky and noisy. Thus, an office that receives a high level of traffic may benefit from cork-based floors, which absorb noise. Carpeting is also a multi-functional choice that is beautiful and absorbs noise well.

Longevity and Performance- How your floor will perform over time is one of the biggest considerations. Remember the type of business that you are running. Is it a business that caters to children? In this case, vibrant colors and patterns would be an ideal choice.

Flooring installations typically include multiple layered components. It's important to choose a combination that serves your needs. Never pick generic options simply because they look good or seem to provide a catch-all solution. Instead, always consider the pros and cons of each individual element as well as how they work together.

Even though this isn't your own personal project, it's still important to think about aesthetic appeal. The appearance of your hardwood, linoleum, vinyl or carpeted flooring may have a significant impact on how consumers and employees regard your place of business. It's definitely worth evaluating how your new look might interact with your existing branding and the atmosphere you’d like to create.

A flooring professional will be essential in helping you understand the type of floors that can perform best in your business environment. They will also be able to evaluate your current floors to offer possible options to cover them without having to pull them up. Lastly, your flooring expert can offer ideas based on the shape and layout of the current floors, as well as any imperfections that are present.

What Goes Into Flooring Installation?

Commercial flooring systems are highly varied. In other words, there are no universal installation solutions.

For instance, every commercial flooring job requires a properly finished foundation. However, different combinations of subfloors, underlayment, seams, insets and other elements, all demand customized approaches to installation.

There are numerous risks to improper flooring installation. Mislaid floors may shift with heat or come loose as their adhesives degrade. Improper seals could facilitate the accumulation of debris that detracts from the appearance of your premises. In extreme cases, a bad flooring installation might even result in building material deficiencies or product damage. It could also compromise your ability to do business as usual or increase your future maintenance costs.

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